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In order to meet the specific requests of our customers, we offer a wide range of house plans.








Offering an extra ordinary ambience, main entrance with spacious storage and bench Fireplace, big kitchen island, pantry, super wide bathroom in master bedroom. It'll be love at first sight








Charming with a contemporary style, no space is lost with this open aired home. Therefor leaving space for an entry from the house to the garage. This house is a perfect catch of the day!








If you love contemporary, here is the perfect example of the palomino in the style needed and looking for.








This residence with a contemporary style reflects the well being with it's open space and large windows to let all natural sunlight in. Possibility to accommodate an office with second bedroom, perfect for business couple or a starting family.







With a contemporary style, you shall automatically be seduced by this model. The basement stairs allow a suitable division, all while keeping in mind all the beautiful open air space.








The perfect example of the model "Clark", lightly modified with a more timeless style.









Clark: Beautiful open space and very spacious residence, 2 story with a modern style. Perfect to accommodate necessities and to offer comfort for big families with charged schedules.








This timeless style home offers many storage spaces and a dinning room with an island in the kitchen. Without forgetting the fireplace to illuminate in this big open space, which shall charm you in an instance.




Figaro: With a more modern look, this residence offers a very good choice for families. Offering a practical side, washer and dryer on main floor. On the plus side the walk-in at the main entrance interesting space for storage. All open space lets all sunlight pour in. All bedrooms are found on second floor for more privacy.




Le Beaujolais

Sympathetic and inviting little home. You shall find all the comfort and space needed.







Le Palomino

Offering a more Californian style, soon as we enter the front door. We are swept right away by the open space and the quantity of natural light that reaches in the whole house. The master bedroom contains it's own on suite, situated on the right extremity of the house. Possibility of creating either two bedrooms or offices with a second bathroom. Perfect for children or visitors




Le Cormoran I

Charming 2 bedroom residence that convenes perfectly to a small family. On main floor a beautiful family oriented space, dining room space, with possibilty to have an access to the garage. A 3rd bedroom abd second bathroom could be added to basement.





Le Cormoran II

Possessing the same values and same choices of division as the "Comorant I" but with a more spacious garage.







Le Charolais

This luxurious residence offers an incredible fenestration and also a home office opportunity for professionals in action. Access to the office by the main entrance helps maintain the privacy of your loved ones by preserving them from the prying eyes of your customers. However, if the two front rooms were intended for children or visitors, they will have a direct and discreet access to their private bathroom.


Le Bergerac

With its central open space area, this home really has everything to seduce you. The centrally located fireplace can be admired from both sides. What's friendlier than a good meal by the fireplace, or even sitting comfortably warm on a cold winter evening. The laundry room is upstairs avoiding repetitive comings and goings to the basement. Recessed bedrooms of the activity areas allow tranquility while being easily accessible.

Le Magnolia

Open spaces, luminosity, luxury... Everything in this home was carefully planned; isolated master suite, three bathrooms including two complete ones, laundry room near the bedrooms, majestic lobby and a spacious kitchen overlooking the backyard.




Le Charentais

Functional, this plan offers future owners the needed comfort all on the same level; a bright kitchen that has an access to the terrace, a fireplace and a luscious walk-in closet in the master bedroom. All of these elements make this home a perfect hideaway.



Le Castillon

Besides all the comfort you need on one level, this house offers a bright kitchen with an access to the terrace, a fireplace, a magnificent walk-in closet in the master bedroom, a second bathroom and a hallway/laundry closet. Everything has been carefully designed to facilitate the return home; either through the main door or the double garage.


Le Percheron

Functional, this plan offers future owners the needed comfort all on the same level; a bright kitchen that has an access to the terrace, a fireplace and a luscious walk-in closet in the master bedroom. All of these elements make this home a perfect hideaway.



Le Berrichon

This bold and beautiful house has everything to meet the needs of its occupants and this, at a very affordable price.






Le Calabrais

An open space with all amenities on the same level; this is what this plan offers at a very attractive price




Made to measure plans

The design of your project is handled by our professional team. We are specialized in various fields in order to suit your needs. Whether for interior or exterior renovations, or even for new constructions, we always offer a quality service.

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